Receive data request from SHIP

What to expect from a SHIP data request

A data access request form received from SHIP will follow a uniform prescribed format and will include the following information and assurances as standard

  • The researchers involved in the project will have SHIP approved researcher status
  • The researchers will provide a full research protocol which clearly specifies the study cohort, aims and methods.
  • The researchers will have framed their request in the knowledge of the criteria which the SHIP research coordinator will use to assign a privacy risk category to their data access request.  This means in practice that their request must explicitly address the following 5 considerations:
  1. Public interest- the case for a public interest in their research project
  2. Safe data- an explanation of the means they will use to ensure that the data they propose to access will be safe and secure, e.g. it will be anonymised
  3. Safe people- proof that they have attained SHIP approved research status
  4. Safe environment- which might include a possible pre-emptive proposal that they wish to use  a SHIP Safe Haven to access the data. Alternatively, if they wish the data to be directly transferred to them without using a safe haven, it should include a description of the  kinds of security measures for transferring, storing, archiving and disposal of the data they wish to access and that generated by the research
  5. Relative risks- a thorough assessment of the risks associated with their proposed data access and what measures they propose to take  to combat these risks


Support from the SHIP research coordinator

  • The SHIP Research Coordinator will act as an intermediary between you and a researcher, meaning that when SHIP is involved you will only receive robust requests for access to data, for research purposes which are justifiable in the public interest and where the researchers themselves are well informed of and have sought to address potential privacy risks. 
  • The Research Coordinator will have a good understanding of the data access requests whose development they have supported, so if you require further information about the proposed project, they are your first point of contact.
  • Any decision you make to provide a researchers with data through SHIP will be subject to an authorisation process proportionate to a privacy risk category assigned by the SHIP Research Coordinator according to transparent criteria.  This will provide you with the assurance that any access to data that you propose to permit using SHIP can only occur once the potential risks and benefits have been independently assessed and the proper level of independent authorisation obtained.

If you have received a data access request directly from a researcher without the mediation of SHIP please see the parallel branch of this route map for guidance on how to proceed.


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