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Route Maps

The route maps are designed to guide you through the legal and ethical requirements which surround the secondary use of data for research purposes.

The key stages in each process are identified as 'stations' on the route maps. When you click on a station you will find information to help guide you through that stage of the process. You can access the information behind the stations either by clicking on the stations themselves or by using the list on the left hand side of the page. You can download the route maps in PDF format from the relevant route map page.

(1) Researchers: making an application to access data through SHIP

This route-map will take you through the practical steps you need to take when making a data access application through SHIP.

Route Map

(2) Researchers: navigating consent issues

This route-map will guide you through the practical and ethical issues which you may face when seeking consent to access data for research purposes.

Route Map

(3) Researchers: managing data security during life of research project

This route-map will the steps you must take to comply with legal requirements and ensure data security through the life of your research project.

Route Map

(4) Data Custodians: assessing requests for data access through SHIP

This route-map will explain how SHIP benefits data custodians and demonstrates how the SHIP process helps them to assess data access requests.

Route Map