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Your responsibilities as a researcher

As a researcher seeking to conduct research using data accessed through SHIP your responsibilities are:

  • To identify any pertinent data privacy risks likely to arise from your research use of the data.
  • To provide a public interest justification for your research so that this may be weighed by data custodians and approval authorities against any patient privacy concerns.
  • To handle all data used in or produced from your analysis in ways that comply with the legal and ethical requirements for optimal information governance as set out in this toolkit.  This includes occasions where it is only you or your colleagues who will handle or see the data – privacy concerns are not limited the exposure of data to third parties following from leaks or publication.
  • To abide by the particular terms of the SHIP data sharing agreement, which will include not using the data to which you have been granted access for any purpose other than that specified in the agreement.
  • To publish or otherwise disseminate your research findings in the public domain for the benefit of the clinical and research communities.