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SHIP Approved Researcher Status

Before being permitted access to datasets through SHIP, whether this is via a safe haven or through direct transfer, researchers must gain the status of an ‘approved researcher’. 

In order to gain approved researcher status you must:

  1. Be associated with a bona fide research organisation.  SHIP maintains a register of approved organisations on which to base decisions.  The list of approved organisations can be found here.  However, if you cannot find your organisation on this list please contact SHIP’s research coordinator and an individual assessment can be made.
  2. Either be an experienced researcher, or, if you are a junior researcher, you must be working under the supervision of an experienced researcher from your own institution, for example, a Principal Investigator, your line manager or supervisor.
  3. You must have successfully completed the SHIP distance learning module within the last two years.

In addition, for any particular project approved researchers will also need:

  • To have signed a SHIP Data Sharing Agreement.
  • And if using a SHIP safe haven to access data, to have signed a standard user agreement undertaking to abide by safe haven rules.

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