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SHIP Good Governance Standards

The work of SHIP is founded on the recognition of the considerable benefits derived from secondary uses of health care data for research purposes, as well as on the recognition that this must be balanced with the duty of confidentiality which is owed to healthcare providers, patients and the general public.  There is evidence that the legal requirements and institutional processes required to apply to access this data can sometimes present disincentives to conducting valuable research.  Similarly, anxieties about data security can act as barriers to data custodians sharing data for secondary use in research.   SHIP aims to reduce these obstacles on both fronts by:

  • Setting a framework for optimal information governance of health care data
  • Ensuring that the appropriate balance is struck between the core guiding principles of patient confidentiality and the public interest and making this balance transparent to data custodians, researchers and the public alike
  • Clarifying the governance landscape for researchers and providing them with the tools necessary to navigate this landscape with confidence
  • Streamlining the data access application process
  • Providing data custodians with concrete assurances that the data for which they are responsible will only be made available in secure environments to accredited researchers for formally approved purposes
  • Maximising data security while removing excessive procedures by channelling data requests through formal approval routes and data access processes that are proportional to a project’s assessed risk category.

Please click on the link to access the SHIP Guiding Principles and Best Practices document. This document is a statement of agreed guiding principles for governance and instances of best practice arising from discussions and deliberations of the Informaiton Governance Working Group of the SHIP Project.