Welcome to the SHIP Information Governance Toolkit

About the toolkit

On this site you will find practical guidance to help you navigate the legal and ethical requirements surrounding the secondary use of health information for research purposes.

The site is intended for use primarily by researchers and data custodians who are seeking to access or provide access to data through the Scottish Health Informatics Programme (SHIP), however others who are involved in healthcare research may also find the toolkit a useful resource.

How to use the toolkit

The tabs on ‘Law and Ethics’ and ‘Roles and Responsibilities’ are designed to provide you with detailed guidance on the legal and ethical framework which governs access to personal information and on the various authorising and advisory bodies who are involved in decision making processes.

The ‘Route Maps’ tab is designed to give practical guidance and to take you step-by-step through the legal and ethical requirements as they relate to making an application to access data and ensuring the security of data during your research project. As a researcher or data custodian these route maps should be your first point of call when using this toolkit, and you should refer to the more detailed guidance pages if you feel that you need more information on any given topic.

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